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Steel wire rope can be supplied either as ungalvanised or galvanised, keep reading to find out the differences between the two options to help you decided which to choose.

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Choosing to have your steel hardware products designed and manufactured with D&L Hardware here in China is a great way of becoming competitive and expanding your global reach!

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Along with our hardware products we also produce a range of attractive wrought iron ornamental finding and ornate gate ranges, suitable for use at home or in your place of business.

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One of the largest issues in keeping our town and cities looking great for longer are the problems with skaters using walls and fences for tricks and jumps, damaging them and costing the local authorities time and money to repair.

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The trailer is one of the most versatile vehicles available on the market today. They can be small enough to be pulled by a bicycle or larger enough to move the space shuttle!

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D&L Hardware are a China based manufacturer of high-quality agricultural machinery parts. Find out some of the great reasons why you should manufacture in China.

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Wrought Iron Fences are not just for decoration and can actually offer a number of great benefits to a home owner of business. Keep reading for 5 uses of wrought iron fences.


Wrought Iron Fences are a great way to add some style to your garden, home, office or field area. Rather than using traditional steel fences, wrought iron fences are more decorative and pleasing to the eye. Their traditional style also looks great in more traditional settings.


Keeping people from straying in to your garden or place of business is an unfortunate must in today’s climate. Fortunately wrought iron fences are a great way to keep your property safe while maintain an attractive environment.

Boundary demarcation

Mark out your the boundary of your land or property using long-lasting steel fences.

Traffic safety

The use of steel fencing along busy roads or streets has been proven to reduce the number of traffic accidents in an area. The fencing prevents children from running out across busy roads and can also help prevent vehicles from mounting a pavement.

Keep your pets safe

If you have livestock, or pets, a wrought iron fence can prevent them from escaping from an enclosure, your garden or land. A gate can also be simply installed to allow access to and from the area.

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D&L Hardware are a professional manufacturer of wrought iron fences, steel hardware products and agricultural machinery parts. If you would like more details of our products or to request a quotation please feel free to get in touch.

D&L Hardware are a professional manufacturer of stylish, secure and long-lasting wrought Iron fencing based in China.

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