d&l factory workersGuaranteed quality

D&L Hardware goes to great lengths to ensure that each and every product which comes out of our factory meets our high quality standards. Specially trained staff at our factories carefully check raw materials as they are delivered, products during manufacture and finally once they are ready to be shipped to our customers.

d&l cnc machineComputer Aided Design (CAD)

Before even we being manufacturing our hardware and agricultural machinery products, we create accurate computer models to ensure tolerances and specifications are met and often exceeded.

d&l hardware quality materialsMaterials

To manufacture world leading products, you need to first obtain world leading materials. We world closely with trusted suppliers for all or our raw materials. Not only are the materials we use second to none, but they are also on schedule!

Qingdao D & L hardware welding robotsManufacture

Our factories our equipped with state-of-the-art tools and equipment which are operated and maintained by D&L hardware’s highly skilled and experienced factory workforce. While some of our processes are automated each area of our factory is carefully monitored by our diligent staff.

d&l zinc coating testDurable finishes

The majority of our products are put to use outdoors or in harsh environments. To ensue a long life we finish our steel product in a range of finishing options. Hot-dip galvanizing and zinc plating a just a few of the finishing options we specialise in.

d&l warehouse and packingPacking and shipping

Shipping can be a harrowing process for many companies. A great product can be easily ruined by poor or inadequate packing before it even arrives at its destination. D&L Hardware strive to go that extra mile and ensure to ensure products are carefully and adequately packed for shipping to prevent damage.

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